Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Poo Poo!!

So, I go in my bathroom, sit down on the toilet and hear from behind me "hello Poo Poo!!" I turn around and this is what I see:

your see on the other side of my bathroom is the birds room. Angel, my female Umbrella Cockatoo, has evidently spent the time since the last person was in the bathroom eating my wall. Mind you, before Angel could get to this wall, she had to break one of the bars off of my Male U2 Shula's cage. So while the rest of the birds are out sitting on their trees and playing with their toys, Angel went into Shula's cage and broke a bar off and started to eat the wall.

Now in all fairness, there was a small hole we had put there for when the electric goes out and we have to run the generator, it is a hole so we can feed a cord through to power the birds room. So she basically just made the hole a lot  bigger, but really, we didn't need it quite that big.

This was done in an hour. She's talented isn't she? LOL

Angel is our destructive bird (can you tell?) The other birds have all had their cages for years, Angel gets a new one every few months. Now of course Shula will need a new one soon (Thanks Angel) because now that the one bar is missing, I am sure Shula will continue the job she started.

So, it's off to patch a wall I go.........So once again, thanks Angel, I love you to death, but sometimes I just want to wring your little neck :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever have one of those days?

you know the one, where nothing goes right, where you think it can't get worse, but it does. Yeah, well, I'm having one of those weeks. It just keeps going from bad to worse. Too much to get into, but sigh, it's been one of those weeks. :(

You know what though, I come in, get  big old sloppy kisses from my dogs (yes, I kiss my dogs and yes I know where their mouths might have been) and I feel so much better. Then I go in to visit the birds and they sing and dance and laugh and call me "poo poo" (I have a bird who greets me with "hi Poo Poo" when I walk in the room.) and I can't help but laugh.

There is just nothing better than the love my pets give me to make me feel better about everything. I must be doing something right to have such loving, devoted pets, right?

I know things will get better, I am an optimist by nature, it just gets tough sometimes. But, having all this love helps so much.

So next time your having a bad day (or week) give your pets a hug, you will feel the weight of the world just melt away. It works for me

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Come Join The Pet Blogger Blog Hop

Come join the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop brought to you by Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions of the Plume!

I just added my link , come add yours and meet up with other pet bloggers.

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Please, follow back when you get a new follower from the Blog Hop....I personally am going to follow back through GFC, Networked Blogs and Facebook and Twitter wherever available....what can I say, I like to be up to date, the more ways to do that, the better.:)