Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Poo Poo!!

So, I go in my bathroom, sit down on the toilet and hear from behind me "hello Poo Poo!!" I turn around and this is what I see:

your see on the other side of my bathroom is the birds room. Angel, my female Umbrella Cockatoo, has evidently spent the time since the last person was in the bathroom eating my wall. Mind you, before Angel could get to this wall, she had to break one of the bars off of my Male U2 Shula's cage. So while the rest of the birds are out sitting on their trees and playing with their toys, Angel went into Shula's cage and broke a bar off and started to eat the wall.

Now in all fairness, there was a small hole we had put there for when the electric goes out and we have to run the generator, it is a hole so we can feed a cord through to power the birds room. So she basically just made the hole a lot  bigger, but really, we didn't need it quite that big.

This was done in an hour. She's talented isn't she? LOL

Angel is our destructive bird (can you tell?) The other birds have all had their cages for years, Angel gets a new one every few months. Now of course Shula will need a new one soon (Thanks Angel) because now that the one bar is missing, I am sure Shula will continue the job she started.

So, it's off to patch a wall I go.........So once again, thanks Angel, I love you to death, but sometimes I just want to wring your little neck :)


  1. Ha ha ha! I can laugh because it didn't happen to me, but oh, wow, would I be mad!

  2. I was the first few times she destroyed something, now I just laugh it off, I am sadly kind of used to it. She has eaten so many things in my house from a tv (she chewed the cord off) to clothes she has put holes in. She's just so cute, I can't get mad, I just repair if possible and laugh it off.

  3. That is hilarious! I wanted to thank you for your awesome comment on my I Wear Your Shirt video! You rule!
    Sorry about your wall! :)

  4. Haha!! Oh my!! Thanks for stopping by today! Very adorable blog you have here... =}

  5. I Love it! At least her comment was 'room appropriate' (poo poo)!!!

    I found your blog on the Over 40 Bloggers List. I am so enjoying reading your posts. I am owned by 2 Boston Terriers, 1 Mini Schnauzer, and 1 really old Barn Cat/Bobcat that lives upstairs like a crazy person (he wont come down).

    I am very familiar with destructive pets we love...see my blog post: "My Dog Ate My Jawbone" [ ]

    Look forward to following your blog and getting to know you & your pets :)