Monday, June 14, 2010

The dogs and how they came to be with us

As promised, Here is the first story about how all our pets came to be with us. I'll begin with the dogs.

Jake was found on the side of a very busy road, he was maybe 6 weeks old. We drove him around for 2 days, stopping and asking everyone we saw if he belonged to them. We posted flyers in the area, put an ad in the local paper. when no one claimed him we kept him. Not technically a "rescue" but we feel we rescued him in the sense that he was all alone, would have most likely been hit by a car or lived a life on the streets eating from garbage cans. 

Fred was found by my husband tied to a tree in the woods behind his shop. He had obviously been there for a long time. He was dehydrated, so skinny we could see every bone in his body and scared to death. Hubby brought him to a vet, got him hydrated and brought him home to fatten him up....he's been with us since. A rescue because he would without a doubt have died had hubby not found him.

Jade and Abbie are our sister dogs. From a litter of 17. The man could not find homes for these two and was going to drowned them. They were six months old at the time and full of love and personality. We didn't need more dogs, but we couldn't leave them to be drowned, so they come home. Again, technically not a "rescue" in the true sense of the word, but we feel we rescued them in that we saved their lives.

All 4 are large breed bullies, who are trained. We have a soft spot for the bully breeds because they are so hard to find good homes for and often end up put down because of their "bully" status.

Tomorrow, the birds..........

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